T310 Portable digital pressure gauge

Designed to operate as a pressure gauge and digital milliammeter, giving it greater versatility and allowing the calibration of pressure electronic transmitters with a single instrument. Datalogger function included. Great displayed.

DR72 Digital manometer

DR72 Manómetro digital de proceso y calibración
The DR72 can be used as process manometer/vacuometer and reference standard instrument in calibration tasks. It incorporates a pressure sensor with ranges from vacuum to 350 bar. Datalogger, digital and analog output.

DPM600 Panel digital pressure gauge

DPM600 digital pressure gauges are panel gauge instruments for calibration and indication of pressure. Features include high/low alarm, reading storage (peak and valley), digital and analogue outputs.

RB400BP01 Low pneumatic pressure calibration set

Low pneumatic pressure calibration kit. Includes connection tubing and fittings. Tubing with G 1/8 female connections with 60º conical housing and T-branch for easy connection between the instruments to be calibrated.

External pressure module MF680

Process instrument calibrator designed for field technicians and industrial maintenance professionals. Its multifunctional capacity translates into great versatility when calibrating different instruments.

T210 Portable digital pressure gauge

Manómetro digital portátil T210
Microprocessor-based portable instrument, designed and manufactured by Gometrics for pressure value indication. It has been designed to act as a pressure gauge and as a milliammeter, which gives it greater versatility.

Flexible connection kit for high pressure

Manguera T210
Flexible accessory of pressure gauges like T210, MF680 DR72. This high pressure connection kit withstands up to 400bar. Very useful pneumatic link for connecting your measurement device to the pressure test point.