DPM600 Panel digital pressure gauge


The DPM600 series of digital pressure gauges brings together a range of panel instruments to measure relative, absolute, differential or vacuum pressure, depending on the type of sensor to which it is connected. The display indication is configured from the keypad itself, allowing easy configuration of alarms. It has a peak & valley reading recorder.

The DPM600 incorporates a high precision stainless steel strain gauge pressure transducer for ranges greater than 1 bar. The units of measurement are configurable from the instrument itself, as well as the autozero, tare, password and active or passive power supply functions.

The DPM600 supports internal or remote pressure sensing, so the instrument can be adapted to any application.

Other available options include analogue output in current or voltage, ModBus digital communication, RS485 output, quick access menu, display filter, different brightness levels and more.

An annual recalibration is recommended. If adjustment is required, please contact Gometrics or purchase the KT-60 configuration kit supplied separately.


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DPM600 digital pressure gauges are panel gauge instruments for calibration and indication of pressure. Features include high/low alarm, reading storage (peak and valley), digital and analogue outputs.

Product description

  • Four LEDs for alarm indication and programming functions
  • Isolation between input and output signal.

Key features

  • Wide range of input signal ranges
  • Incorporates two SPDT 6A 220V type switched relays (resistive)
  • Analog output (optional)


  • Pressure measurement in processes in the food industry, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc…
  • Quick and easy variation of the configuration of high and low alarms, differential, reading hold

Display: Five digit red LED type of 7 segment, 12 mm high

Pressure ranges: Min. 0-25 mbar and Max. 0-350 bar

Uncertainty: 0.25% FS or 0.10% FS

Reading limit: -19999 to 99999

Resolution:  máx reading: 99999 – decimal point configurable

Operational temperature: 0 – 50 ºC

Relative humidity: 0-95% non-condensing

Temperature effect: ± 0.02% / ºC

Process connection: 1/8 ″ NPT H

Electrical connection: plug-in strip for 1.5 mm² cables with fixing screw

Power supply: 110-230 V a.c. 50/60 Hz or 24V cc

Frequency: 48-62 Hz

Alarms: 2 relays SPDT 6A 220V (resistive)

Output: Analog (optional) 0-10 V or 0 / 4-20 mA selectable by internal bridge and scalable according to the indication programmed on the display

Dimensions: 96 X 48 x 91 mm (width x height x depth) (+22 mm fitting)

Weight: 400 grams

Protección: IP65 (frontal)

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