MGP2 laboratory reference gas mixer

MGP2 reference gas mixer allows to blend up to 8 gases. Users can prepare any mixture of gases in matter of seconds thanks to touch screen interface. Precise, ergonomic, safe. Homogeneity of the mixture is guaranteed by a patented method.

Industrial Gas Mixer IGM

The IGM is ideal solution for preparation of gas blends. Its rugged design allows high pressures and flows. With the software you can generate a gas mix with the desired ppm at the output mix.

IGM-CHHR Humidity generator module for gas mixers

The IGM-CHHR is a humidity module that can be used together with the IGM or MGP2 gas mixers to create gas blends including a certain degree of relative humidity. This innovative device is the latest creation of our engineering team.

LGM Reference gas mixer for field use

Mezclador de gases LGM delantera
Gometrics Lean Gas Mixer takes a balance gas input and up to 3 standard gases. Can be delivered with no display and is operated from a PC. Battery option and hand grip for field use.