Test and measurement instruments to streamline your process

Gometrics provides its customers with a selection of instruments and solutions for measurement, control and calibration of the most common magnitudes in industrial processes, such as pressure, temperature, gas and liquid flow, electrical signals, humidity.

We team up with our customers and partners in order to maintain their processes at the very highest level of precision, with a view to optimizing quality, safety, efficiency and sustainability. As an accredited ISO17025 company, we provide calibration services at our lab or on site.

Our mission


Gometrics actively collaborates with world-renowned companies in the areas of process instrumentation and industrial calibration. Beamex, Brooks, Furness-Controls, Kambic, United Electric, Drastar, Lives International and EP-E are the main brands we distribute in Spain.


Since its foundation, Gometrics has been developing its own family of products based on its expertise in pressure, temperature, flow, gas mixing and electronics. From the outset, we have been guided by a desire to serve industry in its need to measure process values with adequate precision and accuracy. 


Our speciality is industrial process calibration. We offer on-site instrument calibration services, or equipment calibration services in our permanent laboratory. We have designed a mobile flow laboratory for calibration of liquid flow meters. We deliver qualification services for the pharmaceutical industry.

Gometrics Instruments product lines


One of our main specialities is pressure regulation, pressure measurement and pressure calibration. We design pressure instruments for all sectors of industry. Digital gauges, pressure transmitters, pressure calibrators, panel manometers, vacuometers, test benches


Gometrics’ experience in the world of industrial and laboratory instrumentation has enabled us to design Pt100 / thermocouple calibrators, high-precision thermometers and advanced software for temperature sensor calibration


We have developed sound solutions for achieving the mixing and blending of gases with a high level of efficiency. In the gas mixer design, our engineers have prioritized precision, versatility, ease of use and safety.


Our company manufactures portable electrical signal generators and simulators, temperature signal calibrators (Pt100 and thermocouple), and 0-20mA / 0-50mA transmitters, among other process signal generation equipment.

Gometrics Instruments product lines

Calibration solutions

Under the brand Gometrics Instruments, we design and manufacture our own products with high technical performance. In all product ranges, our technical team can ensure commissioning, after-sales service and training. The R&D department carries out customized projects, including the manufacture of custom-made equipment and the development of software applications.

Gometrics has a metrology laboratory and a team of professionals experienced in accredited EN17025 calibration, systems qualification and field process validation services. Our areas of technical expertise are: pressure, temperature, electric signals, gas flow, liquid flow, humidity, mass analytics and volume. 

Outstanding product

With the MF680, calibration is now in your hands

The MF680 multifunction process calibrator manufactured by Gometrics combines technology, robustness and ease of use. Ideal for field adjustments and calibrations of a wide variety of process instruments, it offers a compromise between performance, dimensions, ease of use and cost.

The MF680 calibrator is a microprocessor-based digital pressure gauge. It is internally equipped with a strain gauge sensor in stainless steel for ranges above 1 bar.