gometric instruments

Test and measurement instruments to streamline your process

Gometrics dedicates its efforts to make available to its customers a selection of

  • instruments for measurement
  • calibration of industrial processes.

We team with our customers and partners to keep their process at the highest level of precision, with a view to optimizing :

  • quality
  • efficiency
  • sustainability.

As an accredited 17025 company, we provide calibration services at our lab or on site.

Our mission



Gometrics actively collaborates with world-renowned companies in the areas of process instrumentation and industrial calibration. Beamex, Brooks, Furness-Control, Kambic, United Electric, Drastar, Lives International, EP-E are the main brands we distribute.

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DR72 Digital Pressure Gauge Gometrics-horizontal


Since its foundation, Gometrics has been developing its own family of products, thanks to its expertise in pressure, temperature, flow, gas mixing and electric signal. The desire of serving the industry in its compelling need to control its process values with extreme precision and accuracy has always guided us.



Our speciality is calibration. We offer services of on-site calibration, equipment calibration in our permanent laboratory, equipment and production process qualification, computer validations, equipment repair, among others. We have a fully equipped mobile flow laboratory bench for liquids.

Gometrics Instruments main product lines



One of our main specialities is pressure control. We design and manufacture pressure instruments for all sectors of the industry. Digital gauges, pressure transmitters, calibrators, panel manometers, vacuometers, etc.



Gometrics’ experience in the world of industrial and laboratory instrumentation allowed us to design temperature readers, dataloggers, high-precision thermometer for use in a laboratory or on field.


Industrial Gas Mixer Gometrics-cuadrado

We have developped specific solutions to carry out the operations of mixing and blending gases with a high level of performance. In the design, our engineers have prioritized precision, versatility, ease of use and safety.


Frontal T310 USB-200x298

Our company manufactures electrical signal generators and simulators, temperature signal calibrators (Pt100 and thermocouple), 0-20 / 0-50mA transmitters, among other process signals equipment.

Gometrics provides reliable calibration solutions and recording, regulating, alarm and control systems for the most common process magnitudes in the industry.

Gometrics has almost 50 years of history and has always been committed to providing the best service to the industry.

Our company’s strategy is to find the right balance between represented products and our own designed and manufactured products, thereby building up a large range of products related to instrumentation and process instruments calibration.

With the MF680, calibration is now in your hands

The MF680 multifunction process calibrator manufactured by Gometrics combines technology, robustness and ease of use. Ideal for field adjustments and calibrations of a wide variety of process instruments, it offers a compromise between performance, dimensions, ease of use and cost.

The MF680 calibrator is a microprocessor-based digital pressure gauge. It is internally equipped with a strain gauge sensor in stainless steel for ranges above 1 bar.


All Tinycal series instruments are dual function: generation/simulation and measurement. Keys on the instrument’s front panel enable configuration for generation of set values in either engineering units or percentages. Panel keys also enable generation in steps that can be timed for 1 to 9 seconds per step, which it memorizes thanks to its 6 configuration keys.

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Why you can trust Gometrics

50 years of experience

Corporate information

Our company was founded in 1970 by a team of passionate engineers. We have built a strong experience in different fields of instrumentation and maintenance in most process industries. Our team of researchers, technicians and sales specialists are committed to give the most professional service to our customers.

Innovative company

PYME innovadora

Gometrics has received the stamp of innovative company for Spanish small and medium companies. Our team of researchers constantly investigate and innovate in the areas of pressure, temperature, flow, gases and electric signals, in order to offer the latest technology to our customers.

Quality management

ISO 9001:2015

Our organization has obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification for pressure, temperature and humidity, proving to meet all the requirements of Quality management systems in products, services and process improvement. We also have been granted of the Good Manufacturing Practices certification.



Gometrics is accredited by ENAC IQ net in pressure and temperature, and recently obtained the TÜV accreditation for all its processes. Some specific products have the Explosive atmosphere stamp (Ex).