T310 Portable digital pressure gauge


Designed to operate as a pressure gauge and digital milliammeter, giving it greater versatility and allowing the calibration of pressure electronic transmitters with a single instrument. Datalogger function included. Great displayed.

The Tinycal T310 series digital pressure gauges are microprocessor-based portable instruments designed and manufactured by Gometrics to indicate pressure values. The instrument is designed to function as digital manometer and milliammeter, which gives it greater versatility and allows calibration of electronic pressure transmitters with a single instrument, reading both the generated pressure and the 4-20 mA signal from the transmitter output, at the touch of a key.

The pressure sensor is built into the instrument and is made of stainless steel. This, together with its ability to withstand excess pressure, ensures the long life of the instrument.

The keypad on the front has an ergonomic design specially created for one-handed operation, allowing the following functions:

  • Change of engineering units (32)
  • Auto-zero, max./min.
  • Input selection: pressure or current

The compact design of the Tinycal gauge allows for quick and efficient calibration operations in the field and in the shop. It also has a lectern-style desk stand for easy reading.



  • Simultaneous measurement of pressure and current
  • Current range ±30 mA
  • Uncertainty 0.10% FS (pressure) and 0.025% of reading + 2 µA (current)
  • Resolution: 5 ½ digits in pressure (see table), 1 µA in current
  • Accuracy: 0.05% FS


  • Large display
  • Versatility: wide range of vacuum/pressure ranges (see table below)
  • Milliammeter (±30 mA)
  • Advanced functions: max/min, leak and datalogger for 32.000 data
  • Additional display: bar graph 0-100% of the measuring range
  • Warranty: 3 years


  • Calibration of pressure transmitters
  • Leak test in pneumatic circuits
  • Checking of valves and hydraulic circuits

Technical specifications

Pressure range Min: 0-25 mbar

Max: 0-1000 bar

Pressure accuracy 0,05% FS
Uncertainty pressure 0,10% FS
Current interval ± 30 mA
Current uncertainty 0.025% of reading + 2 µA
Resolution 5 ½ digits in pressure, 1 µA / 10 µA in current
Process connection 1/8″ BSP M internal conical 60º.
Operating temperature 0-50 ºC
Temperature coefficient 0.02% FS/ºC < 1 bar and 0.01% FS/ºC ≥ 1 bar
    • Compatible with stainless steel and Buna N for ranges ≥ 1 bar
    • Air or inert gases for the ranges of < 1bar and differential pressure
  • 5 ½ digits 20 mm LCD (max reading ±199999) with LED backlighting
  • Additional display: bar graph 0-100% of the measurement range
Overpressure 2 times the range. For differential pressure equal to maximum static pressure
Maximum static pressure (differential pressure only) 3 times the range or 14 bar
Pressure range Pressure range table
Batteries NiMH rechargeable
Feeding 230V 50Hz
Autonomy 14 hours
Dimensions 83 x 152 x 33 mm
Weight 360 grams
Warranty 3 years
Certificate Calibration certificate issued by our ENAC accredited laboratory.

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