T225 Current loop calibrator 0-50 mA


Tinycal instruments from Gometrics are dual function: generation/simulation and measurement. Keys on the instrument’s front panel enable configuration for generation of set values in either engineering units or percentages. Panel keys also enable generation in steps that can be timed for 1 to 9 seconds per step, which it memorizes thanks to its 6 configuration keys.

The measurement function is easily selectable with the IN/OUT button, as clearly indicated on the display, which indicates the value to be measured. To prevent possible connection or manipulation errors, the measurement circuit is protected againstshort-circuits and external voltage up to 30 V, guaranteeing the instrument longer service life. The T225 model of Tinycal family is equiped with an integrated 24-V dc sypply, enabling power supply to the loop from the calibrator (active mode), or volontarily in passive mode.

All the instruments of the Tinycal family offer high precision and high-resolution measurements, which, together with their ease of use, high reliability and convenient transport, as well as reduced weight and small size, make them basic standards in an instrumentation workshop.



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The T225 is a process loop current calibrator. Dual function: measurement and generation. Similar to the T220 but works on a wider process range: 0-51mA (gen) / 0-55 (meas) instead of 0-25mA.

Product description

Key features


Operational temperatura: 0 to 50 ºC

Temperature coefficient: ±0,003% /ºC

Power supply to loop: 24 Vdc (models T220 / T225)

Rechargeable batteries: NiMH

Recharge time: 16 hours

Power supply to batteries charger: 230 V 50 Hz

Display: LCD, 41/2 digits, 10 mm high

Dimensions: 83 x 154 x 36 mm

Weight: 300 g

Generation: Manual or automatic

Step time: Programmable between 1 and 9 seconds

Label: EC

Warranty: 2 years

Tinycal T225 model

Signal: 10 – 50 mA

Range: 0 – 51 mA (generation) / -1 – 55 mA (measurement)

Input impedance: 5 Ω

Accuracy at 23ºC ± 3ºC: ± 0,015% FS

Uncertainty 1 year: ± 0,05% FS

Resolution: 0,01mA

Function: Active or passive measurement and generation selectable by connection

Autonomy: 150 hours measuring, 11 hours generating 20mA with internal supply, 6 hours generating 50mA with internal supply