Ecal Series calibration cases


Gometrics Ecal calibration cases comprise a set of basic instruments, pressure or vacuum generation equipment and connection accessories, carefully selected for the performance of basic calibration operations and presented in a light and robust case to allow the equipment to be easily transported and protected.

There are two models of Ecal case containing different equipment or combinations which are adaptable to meet any need.

The criteria used to select the instruments and accessories included in the different cases are usefulness and reliability, based on Gometrics’ extensive experience in the calibration sector.


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  • Various case models: ECAL 201, 205, 251, 252, 252, 300 and 350


  • Possibility of customized combinations


  • Fundamental calibration operations

Technical specifications

ECAL 201
  • Tinycal T-210 Pressure gauge (accuracy: 0,25% FS)
ECAL 202
  • Tinycal T-210 Pressure gauge (accuracy: 0,1% FS)
ECAL 251
  • Tinycal T-210 Pressure gauge (accuracy: 0,25% FS)
  • Current calibrator / simulator 4 – 20 mA TINYCAL T-220 (uncertainty: 0,05% FS)
  • Calibration kit RB400BP011
ECAL 252
  • Tinycal T-210 Pressure gauge (uncertainty: 0,1% FS)
  • Current calibrator / simulator 4 – 20 mA TINYCAL T-220 (uncertainty: 0,05% FS)
  • Calibration kit RB400BP01
ECAL 300
  • Gometrics MF510 Pressure simulator (0,05% FS or 0,1% FS)
  • 1 o 2 sensors for internal pressure (range available between -1 to 350 bar)
  • Calibration kit RB400BP01
ECAL 350
  • Beamex MC2 pressure and electric signal calibrator (uncertainty: 0,05% FS)
  • 1 internal pressure sensor (ranges between ± 200 mbar, -1 to 2 bar, -1 to 20 bar)
  • Optional external sensors with 14 ranges covering measuring capacity from -1 to 1000 bar
  • Calibration kit RB400BP01

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