The DR72 series of digital manometers offers a dual alternative of use: process manometer/vacuometer on the one hand, reference standard instrument in calibration tasks on the other. The equipment incorporates a pressure sensor with overlapping ranges from vacuum to 350 bar. The material in contact is aluminium for pressures above 1 bar and therefore admits liquids or gases compatible with that material. For lower pressures it is only suitable for inert gases.

The DR72 series is equipped with a front cover that incorporates a tactile button panel for on/off/zero/configuration states. The manometer offers a wide range of functionalities such as auto power off time, maximum and minimum readings, change of engineering units, tare, alarms, password and additional functions configurable from the keypad itself.

The pressure gauge is encapsulated in a aluminium IP67 box 110 mm in diameter with housing for three AA size batteries that illuminate a large LED display of 350 segments for a numerical and alphanumeric indication backlit at will with LED and high visibility.

It has an external 24 Vdc power input to facilitate its installation in process. In addition, the DR72 can be supplied with a 4-20 mA analog output or configured as a slave in a network of sensors connected via MODBUS RTU RS-485 protocol, which gives the DR72 perfect scalability in distributed control systems (DCS).

Available types of pressure: relative pressure, absolute pressure, vacuum, combined ranges, differential pressure.



The DR72 can be used as process manometer/vacuometer and reference standard instrument in calibration tasks. It incorporates a pressure sensor with ranges from vacuum to 350 bar. Datalogger, digital and analog output.

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Product description

  • Manometer/vacuometer for process, test or calibration
  • Large display
  • Gauge pressure, absolute and vacuum
  • Analog output, communications, alarm

Key features

  • Innovative, precise and versatile
  • Multiple selectable units
  • Datalogger function
  • Combined ranges (vacuum-pressure)
  • External power or battery operated


  • Fluid in contact compatible with aluminium IP67 box (for ranges>1 bar)
  • Calibration in field for many industries like chemical, food, energy
  • Test of safety valves, switches and transmitters
  • Leak tests

Technical specifications

Presentation: 110 mm x 50 mm stainless steel case

Input signal: Pressure

Output signal: Option 4-20mA, relay, RS485, Mod bus

Interval: Pressure, see available ranges (Table A)

Accuracy: 0,05% FS

Uncertainty: 0,10% FS (1 year)

Resolution: 5 ½ digits, 21mm high (max. reading 199999)

Fluid in contact: Compatible with aluminium AISI316 (for ranges>1 bar)

Connection: 1/8” BSP M, 1/4” NPT M, 1/2” BSP M

Screen: 350-segment LCD with blue LED backlight

Units: Multiple selectable

Power supply: 3 x AA (LR6) alkaline batteries or external power supply 10 to 30 Vdc

Autonomy: 1200h (in operation without backlight)

Advanced features: Max/min, alarms, tare, buzzer, leak test, Auto off, datalogger

Rubber protection: on request

Storage temperature: -10 to 60ºC

Working temperature: 0 to 50ºC

Relative humidity: 0 to 95% non-condensing

Accessories: Supplied with batteries, instruction manual in English and factory calibration certificate

Warranty: 2 years