DL760-M18 Portable Multichannel Temperature Reader


Enclosed in a rugged case, display on a big screen. Multiple channels: 10 Pt100, and 8 thermocouples. Lightweight – portable. Ideal for calibrating several temperature probes during a calibration or a temperature mapping study in the field.

As a result of Gometrics’ experience in the world of industrial and laboratory instrumentation, the DL760-M18 reference temperature recorder (suitcase version with display) has been designed.

The DL760 is a compact, lightweight and portable benchtop multiplexer instrument designed and manufactured by Gometrics for temperature recording and verification of RTD, TC and temperature transmitter sensors. There are three models: the DL760-18, the DL760-M18 case version and a reduced model, the DL760-10, which sees the number of channels reduced to 10 in total, 4 RTDs, 4 terminals and 2 SPRTs.



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  • Supports 18 configurable temperature input channels
  • RTD temperature probes: Pt100 (385), Pt200 (385),
  • Pt1000 (385), Pt100 (3926), Pt100 (391), Pt25, Pt100
  • Special SPRT sensors using ITS-90 coefficients: 50 configurable.


  • High precision instrument
  • High communication capability with other equipment
  • Includes the possibility of communication with a personal computer


  • Allows the measurement of electrical quantities with their corresponding temperature (thermocouples and thermoresistances)
  • DC voltage: mV
  • Resistance: Ω
  • Temperature thermocouples: ºC, ºF, ºK, ºR
  • Temperature RTD temperature: ºC, ºF, ºK, ºR
  • Current: mA (with accessory)

Technical specifications

Resistance thermometers Pt100 (385), Pt200 (385), Pt1000 (385), Pt100 (3926), Pt100 (391), Pt25, Pt100
Thermocouples Type B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T according to IEC584-1
Electrical signals mV and Ohm – mA (with accessory)
Temperature scale ITS90, CVD, IEC751
Input channels
  • 8 RTD channels (independently configurable)
  • 8 TC channels (independently configurable)
  • 2 PRT channels (via LEMO 6 contacts)
Uncertainty at 1 year (between 15ºC and 35ºC)
  • Thermoresistors (Pt100): ±0.035ºC between -200 and 0ºC ±(0.010% of reading + 0.035ºC) between +0 and +850ºC
  • Thermocouple: see catalog or data sheet
Electrical signals: ± (0.010% of reading + 4 μV) (-25 …+100 mV)
± (0.005% of reading + 4 milliohm) (0 …400 Ohm)
± (0.005% of reading + 40 milliohm) (0 …4000 Ohm)
Operating temperature and humidity 0-50ºC – 0-80%RH non-condensing
Temperature coefficient <± 0,001% reading / ° C out of +15 … +35 ° C
Dimensions 245 x 210 x 105 mm
Power 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz (via external power supply included)
Warranty 2 years
Certificates Quality certificate and factory calibration certificate with ENAC standards
PC software Yes
Models DL760-18: values via PC
DL760-M18: suitcase version with screen
DL760-10: with integral display

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